Our goal is to foster a community of people who can share the cigar experience in a unique lounge environment. The club offers 3 levels of memberships to serve your needs.

Free Meetup Membership

This is our Free Meetup Membership. Do you smoke once a month a cigar? Do you like to meet nice fellows and have a good conversation? Then is the free Meetup Membership the right thing for you...just sign up over Meetup and you can join the bi-monthly program of our Cigar Meetup Group.

It's free and cool...

Cigar Club Zürich Membership

This Club is for anyone interested in enjoying fine cigars, spirits and handcraftet beers, meeting new friends, networking, and enjoying the most iconic venues in Zurich at our exclusive events!

We are humble believers in fine smoke and spiritual beverages and good friendship...
The Cigar Club Zürich organises cigar degustations, spirits, beer and wine tastings and food pairings.

- The yearly fee is CHF 50.- (Jan. to Dez.)

- Each year you wil get a selection of 2 exclusive handrolled free cigars.

- Cigar Club Zürich Members have access to special degustations, exclusiv tastings and great Events.

Interested to join?

El Commandante Club Membership

- Membership at El commandante Circle is available to a limited number of highly selected individuals, on an invitation-only basis.

Using this page, you can submit a recommendation for membership nomination. Upon submission, club management will review the supplied information. Submissions are privately handled on a case-by-case basis

The yearly fee is CHF 150.- (Jan. to Dez.)

- The El Commandante Circle Memberships include full access to the exclusiv El Commandantes Club Lounge and amenities.

- Member is given a space to store their cigars in our Keep. The Keep is a temperature and humidity controlled Humidor-Space separate from the lounge.
- Each year you wil get a free selection of 4 exclusive handrolled cigars.

- El Commandante's Circle Members have access to special degustations and great Events.

- The El Commandante Circle organizes every year min. one exclusive Trip for its members.

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