The Cigar Club Zürich was foundet in 2015 from our Chairman Claudio with the idea to bring active Cigar Smokers together.

The Cigar Club Zürich is the largest Cigar Club in Switzerland and one of the most active in the World.

The Cigar Club Zürich has now over 80 members and has organised over 60 events in the past.

The Cigar Club Zürich organises cigar degustations, spirits, beer and wine tastings and food pairings.

With "CigarYoga" Claudio has startet a worldwide unique and successfull body and mind cigar program.

This Club is for anyone interested in enjoying fine cigars, spirits and handcraftet beers, meeting new friends, networking, and enjoying the most iconic venues in Zurich at our exclusive events!

We are humble believers in fine smoke and spiritual beverages and good friendship...

Interested to join?